Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I know, I know...but I have a good excuse!

Ok, blog vacation over.  (can you take a vacation after only 3 posts?...eh..whatev).  My mom and I hosted my sister's wedding shower this past weekend so I've been busily creating all kinds of fun stuff in preparation.  So, check out what I've been doing for the last month in ALL my spare time...

Check out these super cute flower magnet party favors.  I'd love to tell you how I made them, but they aren't my design.  I stole the idea from my craft GODDESS friend Rebecca.  Hers look way better but no one seemed to care that mine were uneven and had drops of blood on them from poking myself repeatedly while sewing them.  (pro-tip: invest in a thimble)
 Then, as if I hadn't been tortured enough with sewing...I made this table runner because I couldn't find one I liked well enough in the store. Not bad for not measuring...pinning....or being able to sew in a straight line.  

This was my favorite project.  I used the die-cutter at school and cut out pennant shapes and letters in coordinating scrapbook paper.  Then ripped fabric into 8 inch by 1 inch strips.  I punched holes in the pennants and tied the letters together with the fabric.  Sick easy...and looks way harder than it is.  People were impressed.  And that's what it's all about right?

 And finally....the dessert.  Raspberry filled cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Totally freaking delicious and SO easy!  I found the recipe here...  Tidymom.net  and added my famous cream cheese frosting to the top.  Let's just say the party go-ers left with happy tummys.  

These were my first attempt at making pretty cupcakes, so I was pretty impressed with myself.
  I know you want one right now don't you? 
Yeah...me too, but I have a bridesmaid's dress to get into in 18 days and 
I can only eat sticks and grass until then.

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    Rebs is some sort of Rockstar, isn't she? We need to get her a cape. You can sew it.

    Great job, lady jane! xoxo