Monday, April 25, 2011

Change of Plans

So for weeks I've been planning and measuring and planning and obsessing....and obsessing some more over my craft room/honey's office. The truck was lined up to go to Ikea and pic up the most fantastic cabinets and butcher block countertops.  (in my head it was PERFECTION, cause that's how I roll).

BUT.  common sense and a $1000 price tag for the bones of our new work room (not including the delicious fabric and lighting and on and on....) was just not in the budget, considering we've got a lot of big ticket items on the horizon. to Goodwill I went, (a little snarkily because quite frankly, second hand stuff gives me the heebs) looking for inspiration.  AND...lo and behold....I FOUND IT!

$10 bucks, for the coolest vintage lamp....and just like that....Goodwill, made it into my good graces.  I'm in love with this lamp.  So much so, that I kept shopping...and even went to a second Goodwill store!  I found the best treasures.  Most of them need some tlc, and a whole lot of cool scrapbook paper and mod podge, but I have a vision.  

I even found a GORGEOUS new, old desk.  

It's so huge it almost had to live in the doorframe between the kitchen and office, but a little cursing and prodding later, and it found it's new home.  It's almost perfect.  Just a couple marks from being well loved (and perhaps from getting wedged in the door frame).  And the best part is, it was 40 bucks.  The bread box in the upper left corner is going to be painted and de-breaded, and is going to be a new home for my bills that I don't want to look at. was $2.  

I added my childhood dresser for storage, and took the mirror of the matching vanity and made it the perfect spot for my sewing machine.  I'm loving this room!  It's not quite done yet.  All of honeys books and other assorted crap I don't want to deal with are in boxes behind me...but from this angle, it's even prettier than the Ikea room I created in my head.   More pictures to come as a I finish organizing...and mod podging!  


  1. wait. one. minute.
    you don't like 2nd hand stuff?

    my lord woman.

    I am never taking you to an estate sale again.


    I can't wait to see it all in person!! WHOOHOOOO!!!

  2. Well, NOW I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Estate sale AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. First of all- I also get a case of the heebie jeebies at the idea of second hand stuff. Only, these pictures have me googling the nearest Goodwill!!!

    2nd of all- I don't know a single thing in this world that can't be made better by scrapbook paper and mod podge. That is a fact!

    And finally- Get out of my head!!! If you put up another blogpost to which I can say "me too!" 25 times, I'll self combust. :)

  4. K-Please don't self combust, I like you too much!!! :)

  5. Okay, I need to go shopping at your Goodwill.